Allows to add ggplot components - theme(), labs(), ... - to an object of class ggsurv, which is a list of ggplots.

# S3 method for ggsurv
+(e1, e2)

e1 %++% e2



an object of class ggsurv.


a plot component such as theme and labs.

See also


# Fit survival curves require("survival") fit<- survfit(Surv(time, status) ~ sex, data = lung) # Basic survival curves p <- ggsurvplot(fit, data = lung, risk.table = TRUE, main = "Survival curve", submain = "Based on Kaplan-Meier estimates", caption = "created with survminer" )
#> Warning: Vectorized input to `element_text()` is not officially supported. #> Results may be unexpected or may change in future versions of ggplot2.
# Customizing the plots p + theme_survminer( font.main = c(16, "bold", "darkblue"), font.submain = c(15, "bold.italic", "purple"), font.caption = c(14, "plain", "orange"), font.x = c(14, "bold.italic", "red"), font.y = c(14, "bold.italic", "darkred"), font.tickslab = c(12, "plain", "darkgreen") )