Survival Curves

Summarize and visualize survival curves.

Arranging Multiple ggsurvplots

Ggplots of Fitted Flexible Survival Models

Distribution of Events' Times

Drawing Survival Curves Using ggplot2

Multiple Comparisons of Survival Curves

Determine the Optimal Cutpoint for Continuous Variables

Nice Summary of a Survival Curve

Diagnostics of Cox Model

Diagnostic Plots for Cox Proportional Hazards Model with ggplot2

Functional Form of Continuous Variable in Cox Proportional Hazards Model

Graphical Test of Proportional Hazards with ggplot2

Summary of Cox Model

Adjusted Survival Curves for Cox Proportional Hazards Model

Forest Plot for Cox Proportional Hazards Model

Competing Risks

Cumulative Incidence Curves for Competing Risks


Add Survival Curves of Pooled Patients onto the Main Plot

Combine a List of Survfit Objects on the Same Plot

Plot Survival Curves from Survival Summary Data Frame

Survival Curves of Grouped Data sets

Plot a List of Survfit Objects

Plot Survival Tables


Bone Marrow Transplant

Multiple Myeloma Data


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